Essential Optamator
Essential Optamator
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Essential™ Optamator is a highly concentrated Optaflexx™ pellet design for easy use in show cattle.  Optaflexx is a beta-agonist that repartitions nutrients targeted for fat deposition as the animal approaches maturity to protein synthesis, which results in increased size of muscle fibers, and therefore more lean meat yield.  When fed during the last 28-42 days of the feeding period have shown improved live weight gains by 10 to 21 pounds and improved feed efficiency by 14 to 21 percent. It will also increase rib eye area up to 0.5 square inch, has no effect on backfat thickness.
Additionally, Optamator has a complex electrolyte system to emphasize muscle expression and extreme levels of Omega 3 Fatty Acids to prevent inflammation and deposit intra-muscular fat.
Zero withdrawal and accepted with all major packers

Feeding at the most concentrated level allowed (430 mg/day), 1 bucket would last one animal 40 days.
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