Cattle Supplements
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Calf BoosterCalf Booster

Provides a rapidly available source of trace minerals and vitamins with Direct Fed Microbials (probiotics) to maintain the normal micro floral of the intestine.

ComposureComposureCalming supplement that calms through 3 different mechanisms.
Joint Supplement that contains Glucosamine HCl, Chondroitin Sulfate, MSM, Vitamin C, Shark Cartilage, Hyaluronic Acid, and Bromelain.
Essential 12 O'clockEssential 12 O'clockAdds body, bulk and promotes a bold, shapely top!
Essential Beef DesignerEssential Beef Designer
Pelleted supplement that is used to enhance muscle production and encourage the development of intramuscular fat (marble).
Essential BraunEssential Braun
Pelleted top dress Optaflexx pellet that increases lean muscle mass
Essential Breeder PacEssential Breeder Pac
Supplement used to increase the number of embryos produced and to improve the conception rate.
Essential Cool-Bloom™ 30Essential Cool-Bloom™ 30
Top-dress Muscle Developer that improves your animal's bloom, improves feed consumption, and enhances digestion. 
30% Protein & 10.5% Fat
Essential Cool-Bloom™ 44Essential Cool-Bloom™ 44
Top-dress Muscle Developer that improves your animal's bloom, improves feed consumption, and enhances digestion. 
44% Protein & 7.5% Fat
Essential Double DipEssential Double Dip
Increases your animal's appetite and will help increase their average daily gain
Essential FluffEssential FluffEssential Fluff is a molasses base to increase overall feed intake, which will increase the cover on the animal.  Fluff also includes MOS prebiotics, flax seed oil and many vitamins to increase health.
Essential Full CoverageEssential Full Coverage
Free flowing dry fat that contains flavored animal fats and proteins
Essential OptamatorEssential OptamatorEssential™ Optamator is a highly concentrated Optaflexx™ pellet containing 3,440 g/ton.  Designed for ease of use and utilizes a complex electrolyte system and over 10,000 mg/lb of Omega 3 Fatty Acids
Essential Prime CoverEssential Prime CoverTop-dress fat supplement that adds cover fast with bypass fats
Essential Pump It UpEssential Pump It Up
Essential Relax FitEssential Relax Fit

All-natural Calming Supplement

Essential ReviveEssential Revive
Show Electrolyte - Muscle expression through muscle hydration
Essential Soft SilkEssential Soft Silk
A special blend of vegetable oils and vitamin E that primarily adds cover to your show animal, increases energy, and improves skin and hair coat.
Essential TorchEssential TorchSupplement used to trim your animal and burn fat
Essential Touch ToneEssential Touch ToneThe strongest, natural muscle builder for livestock that we have.  It combines 6 different methods of Muscle Building into 1 easy to feed pellet.
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