Show Lamb Supplements

Whether you need more muscle, extra cover, bloom or more pop at show time, Essential's Lamb Additives provide you with the customizability to help get you into the winner's circle. 

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Essential FluffEssential FluffEssential Fluff is a molasses base to increase overall feed intake, which will increase the cover on the animal.  Fluff also includes MOS prebiotics, flax seed oil and many vitamins to increase health.
LubriSynLubriSynLubriSyn is the liquid HA supplement that you can easily give your livestock daily.
Skin & coat shine – External cleanser that does NOT contain oil
Essential Soft SilkEssential Soft Silk
A special blend of vegetable oils and vitamin E that primarily adds cover to your show animal, increases energy, and improves skin and hair coat.
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