Many Stock Show Families are in desperate need of feed and supplies that have been lost from the flooding effects of hurricane Harvey. Hummel Livestock is coordinating relief efforts with Essential Show Feeds and those in need. The initial action is to provide feed at relief drop points where possible, followed by feed vouchers to be used at the discretion of local feed store owners.  Many of these families will be starting over from ground zero.  Our mission is to provide support to aide their livestock projects in order to allow them to focus attention on rebuilding their homes, barns and lives.

We have received an overwhelming response from individuals willing to house stock and do whatever possible to assist. Most of the stock has already been relocated to higher ground. The current issue is the availability of feed resources. The logistics of getting feed to drop points in the most affected areas is of immediate concern. However, once the roads open back up there will be financial hardships to address. Any level of financial support given will go directly to those families the most in need.

Essential Feeds is providing feed at cost and is working to accommodate transportation needs.

Please touch base with any questions via text or a call. We will do our best to accommodate all needs possible. Leo Canales 361-877-2640 

Due to the overwhelming response to the donations being directed toward the relief funds for Hurricane Harvey donation sites are currently inundated. We have created a second donation account in case there is trouble with the first.